AOKW on YouTube!

AOKW has recently uploaded a video to YouTube, introducing the community to the meaning of the philosophy of the Order – “To Be, To Think, To Create, To Love”!

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The Ancient Order of Knowledge Workers (“A:.O:.K:.W:.”) is an Order devoted to the continual development and growth of the human mind, the human soul and the human condition. We are Ancient only in quality and character, and an Order in that our members share a common devotion to humanity.

A:.O:.K:.W:. departs from the traditional lodge models of the Enlightenment era by implementing a non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian, decentralized framework of organization. Such a lodge framework enables the full and equal participation of its membership through systems of self-governance.

Unlike most fraternal or fellowship societies such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis, A:.O:.K:.W:. does not require its membership to pledge any oaths of obligation or allegiance to the society or its membership but rather to confirm a solemn duty to humanity at large. A:.O:.K:.W:. admits men and women on an equal basis.

The Order is primarily concerned with the holistic development and growth of humanity as well as the global cultivation of fellowship beyond the illusory partitions of race, sex, sexuality, creed, religion, culture and nationality. As such, we are uninterested in organizational structures of dominance, power and control. Such structures limit the extent to which humanity may benefit from our work.

Join us and participate in free and open dialogue and discussion on varied topics from science, religion, philosophy and spirituality to esoteric studies, occult studies and magick.

For more information please contact us through our website at http://www.aokw.org/

Also be sure to join in on free and open dialogue and discussion on our Order’s new mailing list at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aokw/

You can also find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8243424897

Sincerely yours in Fellowship,

John Daniele
Founding Luminary
Ancient Order of Knowledge Workers
Website: http://www.aokw.org
E-Mail: igl@aokw.org